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Client Love

Jennifer helps you determine what you need to move forward in your business and helps you create a plan to make it happen . She gives you extra tools and resources and/or points you in the direction of how to find what you need to keep moving forward. And helps provide you with the accountability and support that you need in a genuine, caring manner.

Allison Howell

Personal Branding & Visibility Coach,

If you have the opportunity to work with Jennifer Grab It! Do not pass go, you can earn the $200! My business development plan for my coaching practice includes a combination of online and in-person networking. There are many coaches out there who specialize in the online space but very few who have knowledge of how to navigate the in-person networking and expo event world. Jennifer is well versed in both! I just finished a four week biz development intensive where we focused on not just online consistently and systems but in growing my in-person networking skills. Jennifer approaches it from two fronts. 1) Growing my client base and 2) Establishing relationships with other entrepreneurs with complementary businesses. We all know that after an event there is follow-up, Jennifer taught me how to follow-up, when, how many times and who to be on the lookout for at the event itself. During our time together I did a women’s expo and Jen, having done expos, was able to guide me step by step through the whole process. Determining the right giveaway, collateral to have on my table, to raffle or not to raffle, and if so what to raffle, what questions to ask to get conversation flowing, and how to transition to asking someone to register for the raffle. All told I added 65+ women to my email list and had network meetings with 4 women! If you want to grow you business and not just in the online space hire Jennifer, as her experience and knowledge around networking and expos can’t be beat

Julia Landis

Life Strategist,

I am a marriage & family therapist with a local private practice in Fishkill, NY and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Jennifer in her business development intensive. With each session together I was blown away by the amount of effort, care, support, and time Jennifer provided for each feeling, roadblock, or success I described to her. One major shift in my work with Jennifer has been my movement from a more “one-size-fits-all” business approach to one that breaks down my services into specific time/cost client packages that now allow clients much more choice in how to get what they need from me. Since working with Jennifer, I’ve also become more consistent with reaching out to other local professionals in the community and developing valuable connections as mutual referral sources. This has been crucial for building my business and my growth as a professional. Bottom line?? In just FOUR weeks, TWO of my biggest roadblocks and crucial business goals were tackled.

Danielle Sangalli, LMFT

The refreshing thing about my coaching experience with Jennifer as compared to others I’ve worked with was her perspective.  Coming from the vein of business development, she offered paths to growth opportunities I hadn’t thought of as possible before, which was a wonderful surprise.  Together we brainstormed and developed ideas for new or revised offerings and then she helped me validate whether they made sense for my business.  More importantly, however, I realized that with the right development in place, I could begin integrating new services into my business that I’m super passionate about.  Through Jennifer’s feedback and guidance, I now feel excited about my coming year and the work I am now shifting towards.

Lysa Greer

Digital Production Strategist & Implementation Specialist, Fresh Take Productions

What I needed most going into our coaching was support and accountability. Jennifer gave me some great ideas for building my business that I haven’t heard any other coach talk about, like the way I could build relationships with my clients and how to analyse my email list to better leverage the info I have. I value that knowledge very highly, as it’s easy to just say what you see other coaches say, but it’s way harder to add some original strategies into the mix. I think the biggest impact from working with Jennifer has been consistenycy and a fresh perspective. I’m sure I wouldn’t have stayed as consistent with my business without her support and I know that our sessions gave me fresh ideas and more motivation to push through and keep working on building the business I dream about

Hanna Saar

Dreamer Society

Because Jennifer is offering strategy from an info pro perspective – where the services and products are seen as more “intangible,” her services are needed! She helped me realize that understanding something about copyright isn’t the same as applying it in a specific situation, which helped me focus and refine my offerings. She was helpful in establishing focus, breaking down the To Do list into pieces, setting priorities, and being accountable. Although I have done some of these things in other programs, working with Jennifer has been more effective because she comes from the same industry and understands the clientèle I’m serving and the challenges I face as an information professional.  That fact alone cuts through layers to get at the nitty gritty sooner, resulting in faster progress, leading to clients and business. A win-win!

Barbara Ingrassia

Manage Copyright

Jennifer is conscientious, very methodical and she GETS what where to find information in niche fields where information isn’t readily found.  She took my vague ideas for a new offering and found the most relevant information I needed to develop a program my tribe will love. She communicated with me every step of the way and made the whole process SO easy!

Nicole Neer

Life + Business Coach,

Can I tell you that Jennifer Brown Wegman is an INFORMATION WIZARD!??!?!?! I’ve been pounding the pavement HARD and trying to reach out to people who could help my business get OUT THERE in a real way. I spent about an hour trying to research big names who could help me (asking questions like, “Who at Google would be connected to a network of schools who could use my product?” and “How can I talk to a REAL PERSON at the National Math and Science Initiative?”). I’m a smart person, but I was getting NOWHERE. Enter Jennifer. I had 4 contact leads in 20 minutes.
*bows to the Information queen* Seriously, NO ONE does leads like Jennifer Brown Wegman. NO ONE.

Lindsey Nelson, Opportunity Unlocked

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